Products made of natural stone will transform any interior, give a touch of aristocratic nobility, luxury and solemnity, at the same time absolutely naturally harmonizing with any style – from ethno to hi-tech.

We are ready to create for you a unique element of the interior of one of our standard projects, characterized by thoughtfulness and versatility, as well as to develop an exclusive version of the fireplace, ideally combined with the stylistic solution of your home. However, our activity is not limited to the production of fireplaces. We are ready to provide you with a variety of related services. We are ready to take on all the troubles associated with transportation, mount fireplaces: fireboxes, decorative portals, as well as provide a full range of services for fireplace equipment.

Today many people prefer to install fireplaces made of natural stone. Such fireplaces are not just a tribute to the fashion for environmentally friendly materials, but a return to natural harmony with themselves and the world around them. But fireplaces made of natural stone also have a number of unique operational properties. Slowly heated stone gradually and gently gives its warmth to the environment, keeping the room comfortable temperature for a long time. Products made of natural stone are absolutely not combustible, which is important when setting the fireplace, where there is an open flame. If you prefer wooden fireplace decoration, then by combining its various elements – wood and natural stone – you will not only achieve an expressive artistic effect, but also ensure fire safety of your home.