Marble is a noble stone with history

Just a few words give rise to as many ideas as the term “marble”. We combine beauty, elegance and exclusivity. If you decide in favour of marble, you can be sure that your home will receive a special touch.

Marble is more than just a floor or wall covering, more than a stone, but it always means good taste, quality awareness and preservation of values. In our assortment you will find about 100 kinds of marble in the form of marble tiles and non-standard marble slabs. With it you create an atmosphere that you can see and thus achieve a high quality of life. We invite you to get acquainted with the magic and charm of marble!

The marble consists of aragonite, dolomite and calcite minerals. It is found all over the world, but in large quantities in the Mediterranean. The stone appears in many colors and marbles. The most famous is of course the white marble from Carrara in Tuscany. Visually, the stone impresses with its beautiful shine. The marble has charisma and creates a special atmosphere in every room, be it pure white with a slight marble tint, different shades from beige to grey or rich dark tones with strong marble effect.

By the way, secondary components are responsible for the colouring. Originally pure white marble. Yellow, red or brown coloring or marble is caused by metal oxides. When chlorite is present in the rock, the grain becomes greenish. Bitumen, coal or graphite is grey or black. The material can be used in many areas. Especially popular is marble as wall and floor tiles, as a slab, as well as for window sills, stairs or for furniture making. For interior design, marble tiles and marble slabs are ideal.