Stairs and marble, stairs and granite – a perfect combination of the beauty of natural material and architectural design of the interior of your home.

Granite stairs are an irresistible element of the modern interior. Granite stairs are reliable and durable, will change the space of your home, give it the nobility, reliability and monumentality.

Having chosen stairs from marble, practical and unique in beauty stone, you will turn your house into the real palace. Marble stairs will give the interior refinement, uniqueness and aristocratism.

Ladders can be various both on appearance, and on a manufacturing material and a structure. They can be marching and spiral staircases. The stairways with the platforms located between them are marching stairs. In a limited space, a spiral staircase will suit you best, which will not only be more comfortable than a march staircase, but also bring considerable sophistication to the interior. Vertically located support holding steps is a spiral staircase. The interstoreyed ladder should be convenient in operation. Angle of descent and rise, height and width of horizontal and vertical plane of a step – all this can influence subsequently whether you will feel comfortably on a ladder. The design is based on the base of the stairs, which can be different. The bearing beam-base, which is under the steps, is called kosorom, and the beam holding the steps from the sides – a stringer. The design can contain one or two beams. The horizontal plane of a step is called a tread, the vertical plane is called a tread. Facing of a ladder by marble, a granite or travertine will give representative and magnificent appearance. Marble, granite or travertine ideally will approach for this purpose – these rocks differ durability, and marble is more practical to use indoors, and granite is well suited for external staircase designs. Special attention should be given to steps on external ladders, steps from a granite are not recommended to do completely polished. The rough buchardised stone or a thermoprocessed surface will perfectly approach, drawing on a granite step of a strip of antisliding is possible.